Everyone’s proud of boy who found, returned wallet

Published: April 17, 2006 | 4012th good news item since 2003

Several days ago, Brandon Jordon found a wallet on the ground outside his school. Inside was $125 cash and several credit cards.

His next move was clear.

“I took it to the office,” said Brandon, 12, a sixth-grader at West Middle School.

When asked if he ever thought about keeping it, Brandon said: “No. My mom (Dulece Jordon) taught me what the right thing to do is.”

Brandon also immediately told his grandfather, who works at the school. “Grandpa called my mom to tell her,” he said.

For his choices, Brandon has been lauded by his school principal, Monica Merritt, both in person and over the school’s public address system.

“I’m so proud of him,” Merritt said. “You’d hope that this would be the norm, but it isn’t.”

Merritt said every morning on the public address system, she tells the 470 students at the middle school about “choices and respect,” and she was able to use Brandon’s honest deed as a real-life example of making the right choice. It might even be considered an act of positive peer pressure, she said.

“The kids were proud of him and talking about what he did,” Merritt said after she made the announcement.

Brandon admitted that some of his friends told him he should have kept the wallet, but that wasn’t something he’d considered.

“I was taught to do the right thing from the time I was little,” Brandon said, adding that his big sister, Bianca, an eighth-grader in the same school, agreed that keeping the wallet would have been wrong.

In addition to receiving his family’s support and encouragement, Brandon’s selfless act will not go unrewarded by the school. Brandon was treated to a special lunch. And, there is the possibility of a reward.

Merritt said the owner of the wallet, happy with its return, might offer a reward. So the school, in turn, will match whatever amount might be offered.

“Goodness exists in the middle school,” Merritt said.

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