Cat survived weeks inside van

Published: March 28, 2006 | 3874th good news item since 2003

Skinny and tired, Stripi the cat is back in the arms of her nine-year-old owner, after apparently getting trapped inside an abandoned van that later was snowed under during one of the winter’s many storms.

Filip Gran, from the Norwegian town of Ramnes, is thrilled to have Stripi back. His cat disappeared about four weeks ago and only reappeared when neighbors heard some mournful meowing coming from the snowed-in vehicle.

“The night she disappeared, it snowed like crazy,” Filip’s mother, Ann-Hilde Gran, told newspaper VG on Tuesday.

The Grans think the cat sought refuge in the van by crawling in from under the hood where its engine used to be. Not only did the van quickly get covered with snow, but nearby plowing also built up a sort of snow-wall around it.

It wasn’t until some of the snow melted in the past few days that Stripi’s meowing could be heard. She’s believed to have survived as long as she did because of some access to snow that she could used as water.

Stripi also was a rather fat cat, and clearly lived on her own reserves. Now she’s slowly being given small portions of food, has found her place back on Filip’s bed and seems just fine.

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