Forklift Driver Who Won $1M In Lottery Won’t Quit Job

Published: March 23, 2006 | 3831st good news item since 2003

Kevin Green said he won’t be giving up his job as a forklift driver, despite his $1 million lottery ticket.

He was on the job last week, when he heard about the convenience store that sold the winning North Dakota Powerball ticket. He realized it was the place where he buys his lotto tickets and checked his numbers.

Even though he won the $1 million jackpot before taxes, Green can dream about, “what if?” If his Powerball number had been 37 instead of 34, he would have won $75 million.

His payout was worth $694,600 after taxes.

Green said he bought 25 Powerball tickets just before last Wednesday’s drawing. He usually buys tickets at a Williston, N.D., convenience store. He said he’ll pay some bills and help his daughter with college tuition.

He said he intends to pay off his pickup truck and his daughter’s pickup. And he’s putting aside a good chunk of money for retirement.

Green is 48 years old and said he doesn’t intend to stop working.

Green won North Dakota’s biggest lottery prize so far.

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