Woman’s lost wallet returned — with cash

Published: March 17, 2006 | 3777th good news item since 2003

When Rapid City resident Mary Ellen Davis lost her wallet at her grandson’s basketball game a couple of weeks ago in Billings, Mont., she didn’t have high hopes of getting the wallet back, let alone getting it back with money inside.

She figured that whoever found her wallet would probably give themselves a finder’s fee.

“It’d be awfully tempting to take the money and drop the billfold in the trash,” she said.

Instead, Davis learned the next Monday that someone had turned the wallet in with $100 still inside — the amount it had when she lost it.

Davis said she has tried to find out who did the good deed, but whoever it was didn’t leave a name.

“Someone called my daughter and said it had been turned in,” she said. “The person wanted to be anonymous.”

Davis said she is thankful for the good deed and refreshed by the incident.

“It’s just a nice reminder there are people in this world that still are good,” she said. “Just the fact that somebody did that, I appreciate it.”

The basketball game she attended was at Billings Senior High School on March 3. She said she is still surprised by her good luck and the fact that the person didn’t take credit for it.

“It’s just something that doesn’t happen too often,” she said. “They deserve recognition.”

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