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Published: February 25, 2006 | 3625th good news item since 2003

A new Web site now allows Romans to submit their prayers to the Almighty via the information superhighway.

The site,, is a nondenominational forum for Christians in Rome, said the site’s creator Jack Swann.

“The Rome Prayer Line is also designed to give believers of all denominations a sense of unity as fellow members of the body of Christ,” he said. “The unity will develop as we participate in one another’s needs through prayer. Occasionally it may bring together those who have needs with those who God has prepared to meet those needs.”

The idea for the site, Swann said, came from other sites designed to allow community members to pray for specific people. He figured everyone with large prayer needs should have a Web site.

Any Christian, he added, can request prayers through the Rome Prayer Line. To subscribe, site visitors would click the “subscribe to RPL” link on the left side of the page. They are then taken to a page about subscribing and posting requests. The only information required is a valid e-mail address, Swann added.

But he said that a feature was recently added to the site that allows non-members to submit prayer requests.

Through the site, members submit their prayer requests to the address, and non-members submit their requests to

“Members submit their prayers and pray for one another,” Swann said. “The RPL is as much for those with a desire or ministry to pray as it is for those with needs. Very often these are the same people at different times and circumstances in their lives.”

Participation in the prayer line is free, and Swann stressed that it is completely non-denominational.

Part of the mission of the prayer line, he said, is to bring believers together despite theological or denominational differences.

“We aim to develop a sense of oneness,” he said. “The only real issue is grace salvation.”

Swann said any type of prayer request can be posted. But if prayer requests are of a personal nature, the subject of the request should remain anonymous.

Gossip will not be allowed.

“One cannot post anything that would be harmful to anyone in any way,” Swann said.

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