After the beep . . . leave a prayer

Published: February 8, 2006 | 3473rd good news item since 2003

A PASTOR has launched a “dial-a-prayer” service where callers can leave their requests on an answering machine.

Elim Pentecostal Church in Caldicot, south Wales, has set up the prayer line – an answering service where those in need can choose to remain anonymous or leave their contact details.

The answer phone message invites callers “after the next beep” to leave their prayer requests “and we will add our faith to yours and pray that God will give you breakthrough in your circumstance and situation“.

The church’s website says that the answer phone is monitored frequently and members of the church who have committed themselves “to this vital ministry” will pray for the needs that have been made known to them.

Pastor Jim Davies, 65, who recently set up the prayer line in south Wales after running another one in Devon, told the South Wales Argus: “As Christians we believe in the power of prayer.

“People phone with all kinds of problems – redundancy, bereavement, and family issues, for example.

“By far the most common prayer requests are from parents, worried their children have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Prayers can work.”

He said the line was not run it to increase church attendance but to let people “know they are not alone“.

Church member Ray Fussell, 82, told the newspaper: “It is especially useful for people who do not go to church but find themselves in emotional difficulty.”

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