Man’s Wallet, including money, Returned Nearly 40 Years Later

Published: January 28, 2006 | 3388th good news item since 2003

A man from Wayne County lost his wallet in Utah back in 1967. And after all this time, it’s been found and returned to him, including the money inside.

Doug Schmitt from Lake Ariel had a time capsule just waiting to be opened. But he never knew it, until now. He hasn’t seen this wallet since 1967 at college in Utah. “To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember losing it. It’s almost forty years ago since I lost it,” said Schmitt.

The wallet, with five dollars still inside, was mailed to Schmitt from Ted Nyman in Utah. Nyman’s late father-in-law had been keeping the wallet in his gas station. “We just assumed that it must have been lost and ended up left in the gas station or something and he never found the owner,” explained Nyman.

Now, going through the contents, Schmitt and his wife can’t believe what they’re finding. There are stamps, eight cents apiece, a traffic ticket, and even Schmitt’s college ID. “(It’s great) to see how he looked when he was a freshman in college because I didn’t know him til he had graduated and to see the pictures of his friends in there. Most of them girls!” exclaimed Doug’s wife, Vickie Schmitt. “It just kind of brings back memories. Things I did and receipts. I couldn’t believe I had that many things in my wallet!”

And the irony of it all, Schmitt is an antiques dealer. He spends much of his time working on things of the past and thinking about the people who once owned them. “(I am usually)looking through people’s old relics and old letters from maybe someone who was in the service writing to their wife or something like that. (I) never thought I would be the object of something like this, at least not at this age anyway,” said Doug Schmitt.

“It’s just so wonderful that people will take the time to research that then return something to someone they don’t even know. It really touched me to know there were still people like that in the world,” said Vickie Schmitt.

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