Video tape of baby’s birth returned to family

Published: January 23, 2006 | 3351st good news item since 2003

Fred Murray was just trying to pick up a cheap video camera at a local Goodwill. He ended up saving some irreplaceable memories.

Inside the $8 camera was an 40-minute tape that showed the first moments in the life of a baby girl, being weighed and measured and held by a grandfather. It also showed a family reunion.

Murray tracked down the tape’s owner, Sherry Ewing of Grand Blanc, and returned it to her Friday.

“The only people who would have seen that tape would be family. So I guess you’re family now,” Ewing, 46, told Murray. “Thank you so much.”

The tape recorded the 1991 birth of Lauren, now 14. It also held footage of Ewing’s mother, who died in 1998.

Murray, 59, and his wife, Rose, did a bit of detective work to track down Ewing.

A pillow in the video was embroidered with the name of the hospital. Nurses on the tape spoke of Friday the 13th and called out the baby’s hospital identification number and weight. A doctor’s name was legible on an identification badge. The hospital helped the couple find Ewing.

“We just knew we needed to get this back to the family,” said Rose Murray, 57.

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