Cat Returns Home: Truck driver offers helping hand

Published: January 22, 2006 | 3344th good news item since 2003

Bodie the cat, who got lost in Council Bluffs when his family made a stop on their cross-country move, is finally heading home.

He turned up two weeks ago. He seemed like any other stray brought to the Council Bluffs Animal Shelter.

But his tags told quite a story. Bodie was moving with his family to Albany, New York, when he got spooked by a truck at a Council Bluffs truck stop a year ago.

“And low and behold, someone did find him two weeks ago (and) called the animal hospital,” said Erin Ellis, Bodie’s owner. “They got in tough with my friend Lori. She got in touch with us, and said somebody found Bodie.”

The Ellis family was thrilled their beloved cat was found. But their next challenge has been getting him home to Albany.

Bodie’s story got a lot of interest and Tom Calta, a truck driver, offered to take the cat Friday.

“My wife called and asked if I saw the story and I said I didn’t,” said Calta. “She told me about it and said to give you guys a call, and I did.”

Calta made contact with Ellis in Albany.

“She was very ecstatic about it and very excited,” he said.

Bodie is scheduled to return home late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

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