Hero saves child from burning flames

Published: January 7, 2006 | 3213th good news item since 2003

BAKERSFIELD – A local man is being hailed as a hero after rescuing a child from a burning apartment building late Thursday evening.

According to Bakersfield Fire Department, a fire broke out inside an apartment building just before midnight Thursday at the 1300 block of Miller Street.

As fire crews were on their way, a Good Samaritan jumped into the flames to help a child in danger.

DeQuincy Parks rushed into the building and found flames surrounding a little boy’s bed.

“He came down and thank god he’s alive,” said Parks.

Soon, fire crews arrived to deal with heavy flames coming from a second story apartment unit on the north side of the building.

They said the fire was contained to the one apartment, but that six were threatened at one point.

Within 20 minutes, they had the blaze under control.

Fire officials said it was because of Parks’ quick actions that the boy is alive.

Parks responded by saying he didn’t need recognition and remained humble about the rescue.

The fire caused about $65,000 in damage, and displaced as many as 20 people.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

However, fire officials say the power of the involved apartment unit was disabled and that occupants had reportedly been using candles for light.

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