Tiny campaigners help premature birth charity

Published: December 28, 2005 | 3131st good news item since 2003

The world’s tiniest charity campaigners are hoping their fight for life will inspire efforts to boost research into the causes of premature births.

Edmund and Aubrey Holdcroft, from Ramsgate in Kent, were born almost 15 weeks early on December 2 last year, weighing less than 2lb each.

Their father, Martin Holdcroft, decided to keep family and friends up to date during their “terrifying” time in special care by creating a weblog – or blog – charting their progress.

Now thousands of people around the world are regularly checking up on the twins, fondly known by their weblog followers as Viking and King of the Elves.

Martin Holdcroft

Martin Holdcroft described the highs and lows of the twins’ battle, including the moment they were finally allowed to leave hospital after months of specialist care.

Mother Julie also features in the regular family updates.

The twins began campaigning for funding to prevent other babies from being born too soon when they joined charity Action Medical Research earlier this year.

Martin Holdcroft said they had been amazed by the response to the weblog, and the babies now had fans all over the world .

“Initially we started the blog so that our family and friends could keep track of their progress and it seems that their popularity has just grown and grown.

“Although they are fine now, the twins were born very early and their time in special care was terrifying.

“Things could have turned out so differently, but we were very fortunate,” he said.

Martin Holdcroft said he was “astounded” to find out that there was so little money spent on finding ways to stop babies from being born prematurely.

“Hundreds of millions are spent each year on special care, yet only a few million on preventing babies from needing it. It seems crazy to me.”


The family are supporting the Action Medical Research Touching Tiny Lives Campaign.

Andy Proctor from the charity said they were very grateful for the support from Edmund and Aubrey.

The charity is raising over £3m as part of the Touching Tiny Lives Campaign to help find answers to premature birth and pregnancy complications.

It said that in the UK just £10m – £15 for every baby born – was spent each year on research to combat the problems that lead to 3,000 babies dying within their first year of life.

The twins’ weblog can be seen at www.action.org.uk/twins

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