Miracle baby safe at home

Published: December 22, 2005 | 3092nd good news item since 2003

A JONESBORO woman breathed a huge sigh of relief when her baby daughter won her battle for life.

Susan Quigley, who now lives in Dundee with her partner Walter Clelland could only look on as their daughter Katie defied the odds to win her battle for life.

Katie was born 12 weeks premature at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital; her weight was a mere 700 grammes or one lb eight ounces.

“It’s a huge relief to have her home,” said Susan.

“It’s a even bigger relief that she’s putting on weight.”

She explained how Katie spent the first seven months of her life in a neo natal unit after being delivered via an emergency caesarean.

Katie was not expected to survive and suffered further setbacks when she developed lung infections and a bowel infection.

Then she contracted a heart murmur.

She has spent half her life on a ventilator, which was necessary given the weak state of her lungs.

Susan told The Dundee Evening Telegraph,”One of the nurses said to me she has been knocking on heaven’s door on more than one occasion, she keeps knocking but they are not letting her in.

“I kept saying she is going to make it. I knew she had not come all this way, fought through the pregnancy, to not make it in the end.

“I knew that whatever life threw at Katie, she was eventually going to come home sometime.”

Susan thanked all her family and friends from the Newry and Mourne area who gave her massive support and encouragement over the last few months.

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