Crews rescue man from water tower

Published: December 6, 2005 | 2928th good news item since 2003

Emergency crews rescued a man who experienced a medical problem Monday while doing maintenance on a 200-foot water tower at Andrews Air Force Base near the nation’s capital.

The man, identified as Joshua Dinson, 23, is an electrical engineer for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, said agency spokesman Al Richardson. Dinson was part of a crew performing maintenance on the tower when he “experienced some sort of medical emergency,” said Prince George’s County Fire and Rescue spokesman Mark Brady.

”They were replacing a light on the tank this morning, and one of the coworkers asked if he needed some help and he said he did. Then he started experiencing some disorientation,” Richardson said.

A family friend told The Associated Press that Dinson suffers from low blood sugar.

A high-angle rescue team used a basket and pulley system with ropes anchored to the ground to lower Dinson from the tower.

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