Family reunited thanks to newspaper article

Published: December 1, 2005 | 2875th good news item since 2003

AN ARTICLE in The Advertiser has bought together a young woman and her mother’s long lost family.

Sandra Greenway was desperately searching for information about her mother Eileen Skilton and her Dorking family in an article printed on November 17.

And, thanks to the article, she has now spoken to her mother’s sister Pauline, two of her children and her great aunt.

Sandra, 32, said: “I would just like to thank your readers so much for all the information I have received.

“It has been fantastic, I cannot believe it has been so easy. I wish I had done it years ago.

“The first person I heard from was Pauline, mum’s sister. We spoke on Thursday evening.

“It felt a bit funny but it was really easy to talk to her. We talked about mum and mum’s childhood, about me and my brothers and about Pauline’s family.

“I heard from Derek, Pauline’s middle child on Thursday and I have also heard from Julie, her second eldest and Linda, her eldest, phoned at the weekend.

“I have also heard from Annie who is my mum’s mum’s sister, my great aunt. She is 91 and we had a really good chat on Saturday.”

Sandra, who now lives in Cheltenham, knew very little about her mum’s family or indeed her mum, who died when Sandra was 21 months old.

Speaking to The Advertiser at the beginning of the month she said: “I have always wanted to try and find my mother’s family, but have always been a bit unsure.”

But after speaking to Pauline and her children Sandra has learnt a lot more about her mother’s childhood including the fact she used to race cars. [Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family]

Sandra said: “I have learned about her childhood and the things she used to do.

“I have learnt that she was a lovely person, a great auntie and that she liked to live life. Her and dad used to rally cars before they settled and had children.”

Eileen died of leukemia aged 36 in Sheffield in February 1975, hours after giving birth to Sandra’s youngest brother Darren.

Sandra also has an older brother Anthony and both are thrilled their family have got in touch.

Sandra said: “They are really happy about this and would also like to meet up with mum’s family.”

Sandra’s parents were already separated when Eileen died and her father Alan remarried in May 1978 to Diane Goodman.

After Alan remarried talk of Eileen was not encouraged and resulted in Sandra and her brothers losing touch with their moth-er’s family.

Sandra said: “Pauline has been able to tell me about my mum and said they felt that Diane – my step mother – had made it clear when dad married her that she didn’t really want contact.

“But I feel that we can make that right now and see each other and hopefully make up for the lack of contact since mum’s death.”

Sandra and Pauline hope to meet up over the Christmas holidays when they have more time to spend together. [Angels and Other Strangers : Family Christmas Stories]

Sandra said: “I will be calling her to arrange something, it may be nice to get together around Christmas as it is easier with having time off work.

“This has been great and I can not believe that it came out on the day that Pauline, who now lives in Lincolnshire with her husband, was visiting her son Derek in Dorking. It was like fate really.”

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