Ambulance crew witness a miracle

Published: November 10, 2005 | 2666th good news item since 2003

Surprise – it’s a girl! Such was the case for Saugus firefighters and EMTs when a Wakefield woman gave birth in Ambulance 1 outside Sears Automotive on Route 1 on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Fire Chief James Blanchard said the Wakefield couple was driving south on Route 1 when the pregnant woman’s water broke. They pulled over to Sears Automotive and called 911. Engine 1 arrived on scene as well as a state police officer.

“The crew on Engine 1 took out their obstetrics kit and checked for crowning, which there wasn’t any,” Blanchard said. “That indicated that the baby wasn’t coming right away.”

But soon after the woman was placed into the ambulance, paramedics came out to report the woman was having the baby.

“It turned out that this woman has spontaneous births, meaning she has babies more quickly than your average woman,” Blanchard said.

The condition is rare, Blanchard said, but it happens. This was the woman’s third baby.

But what Blanchard jokes he was most concerned with was whether not the baby was a girl or a boy.

“It was a beautiful little girl and mother and daughter are doing great,” Blanchard said. “But I was hoping for a little boy because then I could have tried to convince them to name the baby after me because today is my birthday.”

When something like this happens, Blanchard said it’s a special thing and makes everyone feel good when it all goes alright.

“It’s a miracle,” Blanchard said.

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