Missing Wildwood Man Reunited With Family

Published: November 7, 2005 | 2632nd good news item since 2003

Nona King knew something was wrong when her mother phoned her at work on October 20th and said her father was missing.

“I just couldn’t believe it … I could tell she was upset from the tone in her voice,” said King.

Wildwood police quickly determined the last place Hobbs was seen was a gas station he frequented for coffee.

Eleven days later, King received a letter that brought a sense of hope to the family.

“My mother received word from the detective working the case that a letter had come with my dad’s name in the return address but, it was their own address here in Wildwood.”

But another mystery remained: the letter was postmarked Los Angeles, Calif. LA is a twenty-six hour drive from St. Louis.

Hobbs’ relatives say they still don’t know how he got there.

“In a way it was very good news but it left us in the dark as to what was going to happen to him next,” said King.

This past Saturday, sixteen days after Hobbs walked away, his family received the news they’d been waiting for.

King’s mother received a phone call from Cooper County Memorial Hospital in Booneville, Mo. They told her they had Ralph Hobbs there (and) he was healthy.

Hobbs had taken a bus to Booneville from San Francisco, Calif. The family has no idea why he got off there. The destination city on the ticket read St. Louis.

Saturday, the family traveled to Booneville and brought Hobbs home to Wildwood.

The family says he is in good health.

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